Delta Faucet: Beautifuly Engineered to Meet Builder Needs

Ranked number one in usage by builders, Delta is committed to providing high-quality, stylish and affordable options for their homes. Delta Faucet Company is fashioning a fresh approach to its business with a host of new marketing initiatives, including a redesigned Delta logo and the debut of several groundbreaking products, unveiled under its new “Beautifully Engineered” banner. “Delta has taken the lead in product design,” says vice president of marketing Ray Kennedy, “by constantly searching for new product opportunities that will better enable the builder to serve his buyers, sell his homes and boost the profitability of his business.”

These new marketing, initiatives are based largely on extensive research Delta recently conducted to identify consumer needs and attitudes regarding faucets. “By taking time to carefully evaluate the market, we have developed a strategic platform to drive product development,” Kennedy says. “We now have a deeper insight into who our consumers are and what we must do to make the Delta brand appeal to them.”

A division of Masco Corporation, Delta is the largest manufacturer of residential and commercial faucets in the United States. The brand was rated first in usage by builder respondents nationwide in Professional Builder magazine’s 2001 BRAND STUDY. Two out of three respondents have installed Delta products in their homes during the past year, including 71% in the Northeast, 69% in the Midwest, 66% in the South and 63% in the West.

Design Leaders

“The fresh thinking and new ways of doing business throughout the company,” says Kennedy, “have resulted in some exciting new products for builders.” Among the reasons to believe” are three exciting product introductions unveiled this year:

Victorian Collection: As the name implies, this new suite of products offers elegant, classic styling that reflects the current trend to a more traditional look in the bathroom. The Victorian[TM] Collection encompasses centerset, widespread and mini-widespread faucets, as well as tub/shower units, Roman tubs and a hand shower and lighting fixture (from Progress Lighting). Complementary accessories are also available, including robe hooks, towel bars and toothbrush/tumbler holders.

While reminiscent of the past, the Victorian Collection also incorporates new technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing.

* Available finishes span two Brilliance[R] finishes, as well as Chrome and the new Venetian Bronze finish. “The latter is meticulously hand-buffed,” product development manager Kane Johnson says, “for a unique, handcrafted feel.”

* Stringent testing processes include over 100 visual inspections, and air- and water- leak testing before leaving the factory — ensuring high quality and less callbacks.

* On the widespread and mini-widespread models, installers will appreciate the added benefits of Delta’s patented Quick-Snap[R] system, which speeds water hose-supply connections.

Monitor[R] 1800 Jetted Shower[TM] System: Representing a new generation of enhanced shower products, the Jetted Shower[TM] System features two adjustable spray jets that deliver a refreshing, cone-shaped spray for fuller coverage. Jet angles can be adjusted 30[degrees] to accommodate the height of the user, while the jets’ on-off volume control is independent of the shower-head control.

The Jetted Shower[TM] System targets new-home buyers who want “a little something extra in a shower,” says product development manager Colin Thielmann, who adds that the Jetted Shower[TM] System should appeal especially to high-end builders for use in the kids’ bath or guest quarters. It’s designed for easy installation with no additional steps to install the shower-only model, and the only extra step for the tub/shower model is to install the jet module.

e-Flow[TM] Lavatory brass kitchen sink faucet: Delta now offers the industry’s first hands-free, electronic-sensing faucet for residential applications. Ideal for children and the elderly, the e-Flow[TM] faucet can cut the spread of germs by reducing the use of faucet handles. Featuring a stylish high-arc spout for a longer reach (opposite page photo, top), the e-Flow[TM] faucet uses a concealed electronic board, made of a waterproof polymer, to control water flow. When set properly, the adjustable high-temperature limit stop helps prevent water from being turned to a dangerously hot level, ensuring your customers’ safety.

Featuring a design based on the real-world experiences of high-traffic commercial applications, the e-Flow[TM] faucet uses digitally calibrated electronics to avoid unwanted activation, such as movement around the counter. Designed for both battery-powered and hard-wire applications, the hands-free faucet has a 30-second maximum run time that automatically resets once the obstruction is removed, preventing flooding. e-Flow handles are available in six colors, which can be interchanged to match changing color patterns and accessories in the bath.

Why Toll Brothers Chase Delta Faucet

When Toll Brothers Inc., the nation’s ninth-largest home builder with revenues in excess of $1.76 billion last year, selects a supplier, the decision usually boils down to two key questions: How strong is the supplier’s brand with the home-buying public? Can this supplier keep us cost-competitive while also supporting the upscale positioning of our own brand?

“Delta Faucet meets those criteria very well,” says Mike Smith, director of purchasing and product standards for Toll Brothers. The company shines in a number of areas, according to Smith, including warranty and customer service. But he has been particularly impressed with the company’s recent product development efforts.

Smith cites several examples of this new push for innovation, including:

* Victorian[TM] Collection: “Very innovative, even unique — I believe it will come on very strong with our home buyers.”

* “Shower design has grown in significance in the home building industry, and Delta meets this challenge with its wide array of innovative fixture designs.”

Smith also likes the wide range of faucet finishes Delta offers. “They have certain models and finishes that appeal to a high-end niche,” he comments. “However, it gives them the cachet of being a cutting-edge company. Even if the consumer doesn’t buy, these special items spur interest and curiosity: ‘Hey, what else does Delta have to offer?'”

Toll Brothers is not a custom builder but differentiates itself with its ability to “customize” homes. To do that, it must offer an extensive array of product options in keeping with the higher price points of its homes. “Delta provides plenty of styles and finishes that meet the needs of a wide range of buyers,” says Smith. “That widespread appeal is very important to us.”

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